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The name of this website is a phrase taken from the Temple Service of the Rosicrucian Fellowship which reads: “The fellowship of the spirit is the realization of God.” This is the website of Richard Koepsel who has been affiliated with the Rosicrucian Fellowship for fifty-some years. During this time, he has pondered its philosophy to gain insight into the reality to which it points. The results of those musings have been shared in talks—many, many informal talks. The purpose of this website it to help anyone interested in accessing any of the information in those talks to find that information.

Although he is a member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, Richard Koepsel is not an official spokesperson for that organization. He is happy as a freelance voice of the spirit of its philosophy. Rosicrucian philosophy is a form of Christian Mysticism and in mysticism character and truth count, not official titles. The quality of the material presented will have to be the determinant of his authority. Speaking of truth, mistakes have been made over the years and they have been corrected as they have been found. There may still be some still to be found for which the speaker apologizes and asks merciful treatment.

Mystics are well aware of the fact that our inward spiritual existence is not as discrete and separate as things seem to be in the physical world. In the inner worlds we are under the interpenetrating influence of angels, archangels and all sorts of other spiritual beings within the Universal Spirit. Our consciousness, even in prosaic matters, has been fostered and developed with the aid of both human and divine beings. This is not something to be rued. It is something to be celebrated with gratitude. I, Richard Koepsel, would like to express gratitude for the positive influences in my life and particularly the people that have influenced these talks. The primary and greatest spiritual and philosophical influence for these talks has been Max Heindel, founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship and author of The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. Other influences include Platonists (Plotinus, Plutarch, Proclus and Plato, himself), and Rudolf Steiner. Many thanks are also offered for all of the discussions with friends during which many of these ideas were developed.

As of this writing there are more than 948 (and counting) videos available. They span a period of more than 40 years. The topics are many but they are broken into three principle categories that should fit the tastes and interests of the expected listeners. Each category has its own page as follows:

All of the talks are available on YouTube. This site is meant to describe the series of talks and to direct the listener to the desired talks. This is done by external links which take one to the first talk in a series in a new browser tab. It is up to the listener to proceed to the other talks from there when there is no playlist. External links to the talks are designated by a change of color when hovering with the pointer and the external link symbol: . External links to downloads for textbooks and other aids are designated by a change of color when hovering with the pointer and the external .pdf symbol: . If you are on a tablet or mobile phone and you switch from portrait to landscape or vice versa, you may have to reload this site. Internal links to locations in this website are indicated by the hover and underline such as in the site navigation table below.

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There is live streaming of talks and classes on most Thursdays during the school year at 7:30 p.m. Central Time. Just go to the YouTube channel at that hour and watch for the “live” flag and click on it.

Please remember everything is informal

I certainly hope you enjoy listening to these talks as much as I have enjoyed offering them.

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